Trompe l’oeil End Table

This was a project I did to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation. Artists were asked to transform pieces of thrift store furniture, which would be sold at auction at the charity event. I decided to hand paint trompe l’oeil (fool the eye) postcards on it. The postcards had a 1950s lakeside vacation theme.

First, I painted the piece white and distressed the edges a bit. Then I laid out some postcards to get a good design, and taped off the outer edges.

Then, I painted the individual scenes directly on the table surface.

To give the little paintings a 3-D look, I painted a dark shadow under one corner, and painted a highlight on the opposite corner. The result looked like someone had casually laid a few postcards on the table.

The table is shown with an accompanying chair in which I painted a beach scene on artist’s canvas and reupholstered the cushion.