Hey everyone! I am pleased to announce Put Down the Wine and Step Away from the Computer is published and available in both 142 page semi-illustrated paperback and Kindle on AMAZON!

I also received a really nice book review that you can check out here.

It took two years to write and illustrate the book using examples from my own life. I feel my experiences are representative of many people, especially single women. We sometimes find ourselves trapped in a cycle of behavior and don’t know how to escape. And when we finally figure it out, we discover it’s really simple – just be yourself, your highest self.

The comics in the book are a reminder that we’re not alone, and other people are going through the same things. Life can be absurd, and pointing that out takes some of the pressure off.

I want to thank my family and friends for all their support. Books are not written in a bubble, there is a lot of input and encouragement from others. I hope you are inspired, humored and encouraged.

Jody Baker-Wiley

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