Book Review – M. Anderson

Jody Baker-Wiley’s Put Down the Wine and Step Away From the Computer is more than just a survival guide for the single woman; it’s a witty, profound, and no-nonsense exposé on the reality of relationships today, told through the memoirs of an intelligent and artistic female whose emotional empowerment, while always simmering just under the surface, didn’t fully break through until surviving the insanity of the dating scene and living to tell about it.

While the quest for the ever-elusive perfect partner is certainly a key component of the subject matter (seriously, the online dating section is simultaneously informative and hilarious), this book is about a lot more than finding Mr. Right. It touches on the many relationships we’ve had throughout our lives – with friends, parents, coworkers, acquaintances, and ourselves – and how the nature of those experiences forged the foundation of our adult relationships to come.

What makes this book a standout from others on the shelf is the author’s willingness to cut deep into the heart of the personal and often painful reasons we continue to struggle through the vicious cycle we know must be broken, but can’t seem to find a tool big enough for the job. Regardless of your current relationship status – single and loving it, married and happy, stable but miserable, or Desperately Seeking Somebody – READ THIS BOOK. Ms. Wiley’s experiences are ones every woman can relate to. Her wit and unique perspective force us to look not backward but inward, and reflect on our own experiences while wearing a Viking-horned welding helmet rather than that comfortable little pair of rose-colored safety glasses we’ve been sporting for so long. So follow her down this winding little path, even if just for fun – that way is laden with nuggets of wisdom we can all use as we plow our way through this unpredictable thing we call life.
—M. Anderson, Pen to Paper